Controversial Research Topics

Dealing with Controversial Research Topics

Controversial research topics as the term itself suggests, are there to provoke controversy and debate. The basic idea is to present a topic which addresses an issue about which people have different and strong opinions. Argumentative topics or controversial topics often address a political, environmental, religious or a humanitarian issue.

Writing about a controversial topic can be difficult sometimes since strong opinions and emotions are involved. If you are inexperienced regarding controversial research topics then contact us at Our professionally trained writers can help you with your essay topic.

How to Find a Controversial Research Topic

Researching for controversial research topics is the easy part. One can easily find issues people fight over and use it in a productive manner thus resulting in your essay. Here are a few ways to look for controversial topics:

  • You can look for such issues in newspapers.
  • Books and magazines can be equally helpful.
  • Online libraries, blogs and other databases can be a good source of information.
  • Try reading through essays previously written on controversy and argument.

Choosing the Right Controversial Research Topic

Finding argumentative research topics is not a problem, choosing the right one is. Since it is a matter of strong opinion, one must focus on a topic that the writer personally cares about. Choose a productive controversial research topic that is academically significant, pick a side from the two controversies presented by the topic and then stick to it.

Involve your sentiments and strong opinions in the essay. This is to ensure that a strong argument is built from all the aspects of the chosen controversial topic.

A Few Controversial Research Topics

It is advised that you research and acquire a controversial research topic on your own. Nonetheless, to give you an idea of what type of topic is required from you; following are a few instances for your review:

  • Does the attack on the world trade center on September the 11th, 2001 justify the attack on Iraq?
  • Are behavioral problems caused by violent video games and cartoons?
  • Is the information we receive from media true?
  • Morality in media.
  • Prayer in public schools.
  • Is Hollywood a negative influence?
  • Should executions be televised?
  • Is it okay for the Danish Cartoonists to mock Muhammad and completely atrocious for the Iranian Cartoonists to mock the Holocaust?

The above stated are only a few examples of what issues a controversial research topic can address and how the topic should be devised to maximize its effect on the reader.

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High-tech Predictions for 2009

With the new year fast approaching, here’s a look at some high-tech predictions for 2009. Be forewarned, the global economic meltdown is a recurring theme in quite a few doom-and-gloom scenarios — but I’ll frontload the post with intrigue rather than sorrow.

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Goliath Talk

Wynn caught up with Ilya Grigorik, Founder and CTO of PostRank to talk about Goliath, async Ruby web development, and Google’s SPDY.

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Some political blurbs

A subsidiary of L-3 Communications Corp. has paid the U.S. government $4 million to settle allegations that the company submitted false and inflated claims to the Army for hours worked by the firm’s employees on a contract supporting military operations in Iraq, the Justice Department announced Monday. Madison, Miss.-based L-3 Vertex Aerospace has an ongoing contract with the Pentagon to provide helicopter maintenance services at Camp Taji, Iraq.

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Good Essay Topics

How to Write Good Essay Topics

An essay does not become a good essay if it does not have a good topic. Most students do not take time to think through their topics before they write their essays. This is one of the reasons why many of them score poor grades in those essays. Good essay topics are very important as they determine the tone and direction that the rest of the paper is going to take. There are different kinds of topics for different types of essays. Some of the common essay topics that you may come across include:

  • classification essay
  • Expository essay topics
  • Cause and effect essay topics
  • Definition essay topics
  • Compare and contrast essay topics
  • Argumentative research topics
  • Descriptive essay topics

A good essay topic should be well researched. Researching the topic will enable you grasp everything there is to know about the topic. When you do your research well, you will be able to formulate your topic in a way that will get the full attention of the reader. A good topic should be written in an easy to understand language. The topic should also be as brief as possible and straight to the point. If you want your topic to stand out, be creative as possible. You might focus on a subject that has been done over and over again, but if you have a creative and interesting topic, you will get the full attention of the reader.

Help in writing good essay topic

If you need help creating a topic for your essay, there are many places from where you can get help. Your local, school or college library is one such place. You can also get topic writing help from professional writers most of whom operate online writing businesses. It is very easy to access these websites but you have to ensure that you get assistance from those online writers who are credible.
Here are some examples of good essay topics:

  • How to manage work and school (expository essay)
  • Teenage Depression and its impact (cause and effect essay)
  • Who is a friend? (Definition essay)
  • What is the difference between knowledge and understanding? (Comparison and contrast essay)
  • Should homosexuals be allowed to serve in the military? (argumentative essay)
  • The geography on North America (descriptive essay)

Do you want to write an essay that will help you earn top marks in your course? Visit our website to view some of the best essay topics that will enable you get an idea of how you should formulate your topic. We also offer custom services for those who need their work done in a specific way. You do not have to worry about quality when you get good essay topic ideas from us. Our writing services are offered by the best professionals who use different writing styles such as MLA, APA, Havard and Turabian. If you want a unique, plagiarism free topic for your essay, you can get have one custom written for you at a very affordable price from our website.

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Jose Luis Pretto – Template of a Compare and Contrast Paper

A compare and contrast paper usually uses two primary source documents, which are analyzed to prove areas where the two source documents have things in common and where the information in the two documents is in direct contrast with each other.

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